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Learn About Us

My older sister has once again bossed me around and told me to write something ‘about us’ – so here we go!!!!!! (PS as such she will not be editing this as she is very controlling and I refuse to speak about ourselves in third person, which we very often do and must stop.)

My much OLDER sister and I (Elizabeth Sachs and Catherine Cornish) started our small business in 2007 with a shop at the Paddington Antique Centre. We both have always had a love of unique of vintage and antique pieces for our homes, so we decided to start selling things that we loved.

We chose the Paddington Antique Centre as we felt it was an inspiring place to shop and is unique and a one off place. OUR HOME IS PADDINGTON. AND WE BELIEVE 

We sell vintage and antique porcelain, collectables, paintings, lamp bases, furniture, taxidermy, vintage light fittings and new and vintage interior design textiles. We also make custom madee lamp shades using our vintage and new interior design fabrics that we collect from all over the world.

My sister and I work work well together, she is essentially very bossy and has an intense work ethic and I am fun, ageless, and a joy to be around (basically she can be a fun sponge but thankfully keeps us on track).

Anna Spiro has been a huge inspiration for us and we are so excited that we are a selected distributor of her new textile range.  Her fabulous new range of fabrics work so well with our vintage ones. Anna is a very caring, kind and humble person and so extremely talented (she will hate us saying that but she is great to annoy – we love her!!!)

Working with vintage interior designer textiles  is a  large part of our business. We have been collecting them for many years from around the world – we particularly love Rose Cumming, Sanderson, William Morris, Liberty, Schumacher, Kaufmann, Colefax and Fowler, Bruschwig and Fils, Christopher Moore and man y more.

RA RA –to us -  We have been featured in several interior design magazines and a very, prominent well known sylist (you know who you are) called us ‘Hunters and Collectors’  while quoting us – but really that is a very polite way of saying all we really do is sell second hand.

Follow us on Instagram as Sachs_and_Cornish to keep up to date with new stock and unusual behaviour (it will make you feel better about yourself if you thought you were on the spectrum)