A I Diament - Asian Toile

A I Diament - Asian Toile


Remnant -  As New


Approximate Availiblity

1 - 2 Metres

Fabric sold in multiples of 0.5 Metres


Snob Value

You want snob value, A.L. Diament & Co has it!  Established in 1885 in Philadelphia, this fourth generation company is the sole exclusive agent for the great, early manufacturers of France. Diament’s ancient archives contain extraordinary examples of textiles and wallpapers spanning four generations and documenting nearly two centuries of decorative art. 


Why we like it

Yes yes, beautiful Asian toile, we never get sick of them!! Always a talking point at a boring dinner party too.


Boring Information

Width - narrow fabric

Brushed cotton


Order More

Sorry this is a one off remnant piece, we are unable to order more


*Remnant Fabric is sold and priced in multiples of 0.5 metres