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Morris & Co - Compton - Spring

Morris & Co - Compton - Spring


Condition: Remnant / As New

Price: $195/m

Colour: Spring

Composition: 60% Linen 30% Cotton 10% Nylon

Width: 141cm


Snob Value

William Morris started designing fabrics in 1880’s in his Merton Abbey workshops in south London. The incredible block printed original patterns are timeless. As the man himself said ‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’


Designs straight from the 1880’s. Swirling leaves, thieving birds, rose-filled trellises, flowers and fruit tree branches and all in perfect symmetry – the designs were revolutionary for their time. My house is filled with his fabrics and they never date, probably because of their unique symmetry. They really make a house a home.


The 1880 Arts and Craft movement which was born from the values of people concerned about the effect of industrialization on design. William Morris was one of the most influential figures during this time. He promoted the joy of craftsmanship and the beauty of nature.


Swirling leaves, thieving birds, rose-filled trellises and fruit tree branches.

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