Quadrille - Nitik brown navy

Quadrille - Nitik brown navy


Remnant - As new


Approximate Availiblity

1 to 2  Metres

Fabric sold in multiples of 0.5 Metres


Snob Value

Quadrille put a modern spin on old patterns using vibrant colours. The perfect fabrics to layer with softer coloured more detailed fabrics, or just stand out on their own. 


Why we like it

This is one of our favourite Quadrille designs, brown and has a lovely navy centre. We always love putting browns and blues together, it is such a lovely, timeless combination. This is such a great fabric desgin to put with lovely large scaled chintzes.


Boring Information

Nothing unusual, standard width upholstery fabric

Linen & Cotton

Width 45 inches

Pattern repeat 9.5 Inches


Order More

Sorry, this is a one off remnant piece, we are unable to order more


*Remnant Fabric is sold and priced in multiples of 0.5 metres