Raoul Textiles - Arcadia

Raoul Textiles - Arcadia



Remnant - As new


Approximate Availiblity  (Price per half Metre)

4 to 5 Metres


Snob Value

Raoul Textiles is a design firm based in California, established in 1981. They are renowned for their vibrant sense of colour and innovative, unexpected apporoach to design. They are all hand-printed on the finest Belgian linen. Every step in the process of creating their fabrics is done by hand in the factory, from the earliest sketches to the ink receipes to the hand-built screens. They are a one stop shop for out of control cool fabrics!!


Why we like it

We adore Raoul fabrics, Californian cool!! Beautiful pattern great colour green, which is tricky to find.



Boring Information

Beautiful Belgian linen

125cm Width


Order More

If you would like more than we have in stock, we can order for you from our wholesaler. Just send us a message and we will give you a quote. Standard time frame for ordering is 2 to 3 weeks.


*Fabric is sold in multiples of 0.5 metres

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