Colefax & Fowler - Seaweed - Blue

Colefax & Fowler - Seaweed - Blue


Remnant - As new


Approx Availability

6 - 8 Metres

Fabric sold in multiples of 0.5 Metres


Snob Value

Yes, absolutely one of our top 5. Everybody knows this brand and wishes Lady Sibyl Colefax was their great great Aunt. We could go on and on about how wonderful their fabrics are. I have them all through my house and we suggest you do too!!


Why we like it

My favourite Colefax fabric, I just adore seaweed patterns, they are a bit more versatile than a check and are so pretty. I have this fabric at home and never tire of it. It comes in lots of different colour ways. There are also 2 other similar fabrics with similar seaweed designs called 'Swift' and 'Seafern'


Boring Information

Nothing unusual, standard width upholstery fabric



Order More

If you would like more than we have in stock, we can order for you.. Just send us a message and we will give you a quote. Standard time frame for ordering is 2 to 3 weeks.


*Fabric Remnants are  sold and priced in multiples of 0.5 metres