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My sister and I (Elizabeth Sachs and Catherine Cornish) started our small business in 2007 with a shop at the Paddington Antique Centre. For as long as I can remember we have both always had a love of unique pieces (like our husbands).


I think our business has evolved to what it is today by listening to what customers needed to help them add to their homes. We are unique in that we hold an extensive range of vintage, remnant and new interior design fabrics in stock, which makes our job so much easier.

We feel the process of adding to your home should be a slow one and always use beautiful and unique fabrics. Using a mix of vintage and new fabrics is easier on your budget and always means you end up with something that is unique.

We have built up a fabulous range of hand made lampshades, antique porcelain, paintings, interior design books, lamp bases and taxidermy. 


We also really have a lot of fun helping people make decisions with our custom made lampshades and cushions using both our vintage and new interior design fabrics.  Our fabrics are from all over the world and we have been sourcing and collecting them from the earliest stages of our business. 


My sister and I work well together, she is essentially very bossy with an intense work ethic and I am fun, ageless, and a joy to be around (in short,  she can be a fun sponge but thankfully keeps us on track).


We think that your home is very important. It is one place that you should be able to be completely releaxed and fully expresss yourself. Your home should be something that evolves over time.


We love retail and have a fabulous time with our customers helping them choose things for their home. Everything is so impersonal with shopping these days, we wanted to make it something fun and enjoyable, which is how it always used to be.



Sachs and Cornish – Words of Wisdom


  • When decorating your home it should always be a reflection of you and your family – in today’s stressful world our home is a very important place and should provide great comfort to you.


  • If you can, always use a mix of new and vintage or antique and one off pieces to decorate. It is more affordable way to go and the mix adds a one off look that can’t be copied. You don’t want your home looking like everyone elses


  • Don’t show off, that’s bad taste and will stress out guests and pets



  • if you are having trouble starting off with decorating your home a good interior designer (or psychologist) is always a great starting point for layout and guiding you in the right direction as to what you really like and how to implement it.


  • Your house should be filled with things that you love, inspire you, make you happy or bring back good memories.



  • It is never bad taste if you love it


  • If you follow a trend that you see and love that is great, but always make it your own



  • You can always buy cheap second hand furniture (one great piece is always helpful) but interior design textiles must always be good quality. To save money a mix of vintage and new top quality textiles can help reduce costs.


  • There is nothing wrong with a theme at home as long as it is not illegal or scares children or pets. Have fun with your house.



Follow us on Instagram @sachsandcornish to keep up to date with new stock and unusual behaviour (it will make you feel better about yourself if you thought you were on the spectrum)

Our story so Far….


Well here we are again troops, website number 2. Once again the older (and I mean much older) sister has bossed me around and told me to write something ‘about us’ for the updated site – so here we go!!!!!!  


And because she does not like or understand technology of any nature, she thinks a website takes one week to do and is screeching at me daily – yesterday’s rant was: 

 “guess what, dad’s website is up and looks really good.  He’s 91 for godsake, and he wouldn’t know what an iphone was if it hit him in the head!! what are YOU doing?!!”

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