Waverly - Homecoming Red Lion Inn

Waverly - Homecoming Red Lion Inn


Remnant - Vintage


Approximate Availiblity

6 to 10 Metres

Fabric sold in multiples of 0.5 Metres


Snob Value

Schumacher, maker of exclusive European fabrics launched Waverly in 1923 for the American market in the ‘roaring twenties’. They have always stayed close to their original signiature look of quality and timelessness using chintzes,florals, and plaids and traditional patterns.


Why we like it

This is my idea of heaven, a pretty blue background with a very traditional chintz pattern. I have used as an upholstered bed head fabric for the beach and looks fantastic.


Boring Information

Nothing unusual, standard width upholstery fabric



Order More

Sorry this is a one off remnant piece, we are unable to order more


*Remnant Fabric is sold and priced  in multiples of 0.5 metres